GO Arts Praise Dance Team

Praise Dance is a ministry of liturgical dance. Everyone has a time where they dance before the Lord. The music and song allow dancers to highlight the lyrics through dance. Whether we are at home, in church service or in a public setting, we all experience arm movements, foot stomping, toe-tapping and swaying or rocking to the music.
The ministry is unique because it offers a group of dancers who love the Lord an opportunity to dance before Him. If you are one that just can’t sit still during a time of praise and worship or if you are one that just needs to show the Lord how you translate a song through dance movements, then you are an ideal candidate to join our ministry.

GO Puppet Ministry

There is no other ministry quite like puppet ministry! Puppets are effective in reaching, teaching, and entertaining audiences of all ages and are a GREAT way to teach children about the Bible!! These fun, colorful, animated characters live in an imaginary world, but they can express, talk and sing about real issues too.
Ministering to children comes with a host of challenges, but puppets can help to overcome many of them. In the hands of dedicated puppeteers, puppets can make us laugh, cry, and share important Biblical messages. Children enjoy having fun during puppet presentations while learning at the same time. When you create a fun and educational environment, children will respond positively.

Interested in the GO Arts Ministry?

Contact Kimberly Williams – GO Arts Team Lead