Please Note:

  • Choose a payment structure that is convenient for you.
  • When you begin paying on your pledge, please use the regular offering envelopes and mark it Finish the Building 2020 or pay online at
  • Remember, your pledge / giving MUST be over and above your regular tithing and offering.
  • All pledge givings are tax deductible.
  • Please keep the us in your thoughts and especially your prayers. We all have an awesome task before us. Our prayer is that we will be successful in our endeavors, and that all we do will be pleasing in His sight and bring glory to His Name.
  • All commitments are strictly confidential. Also, know that your commitment is not legally binding. Should your financial circumstance change, you may revise your commitment at any time. We will never take any action to collect your pledge, which has been given as a voluntary financial commitment. Please notify the GO Admin Office at 701.775.3567 if you need to change your commitment. This will help us make wise decisions about the future scope and timing of the building project.