Our Purpose Statement

Our purpose is to be used by God to fulfill Levitical principals as recorded in the Holy Bible. The choir is set apart for the cause of Christ to set an atmosphere conducive for the working of the Holy Spirit through spiritual songs and praise. This enables the liberty and freedom of the Spirit of God to minister supernaturally through our leader for salvation, healing and deliverance in the congregation (2 Chronicles 20:21-22). On select Sundays, the choir sings songs that exalt, worship, glorify, and praise the God of the Bible.
Benefits of joining the Music Ministry:
  • Fellowship with other followers of Jesus Christ, 
  • Allow music to be an essential part of your ministry,
  • Encourage discipline and the spirit of excellence within your worship,
  • Welcome healing and restoration into all aspects of your lift, and
  • Create a positive impact on your community.

EPIC Praise Team 

A smaller and more intimate anointed group of men and women who usher in the praises of God. These unique, handpicked group of singers also live under the anointing of 2 Chronicles 20:21-22. You will hear this awesome and power packed group at the beginning of every service. Yes, we prepare you for what God is going to do in our services. EPIC can also be heard during praise and worship during most services. 
EPIC Rehearsal: Every Saturday at 1PM at the church. 

GO Adult Choir

The GO Adult Choir is filled with a body of believers full of the Spirit of God and eager to do warfare through song. We are the primary source of music for the church. When the melodious voices sing the praise of God, wounded hearts are healed. The depressed spirit becomes lifted and your heart is ready to receive a word of knowledge. Yes, your heart will be lifted. The GO Adult Choir boasts 15 voices strong and is still growing! Come, hear and be blessed through this awesome music ministry. 
GO Adult Choir Rehearsal: TBD

Youth and Sunshine Band Choirs

Gospel Outreach Youth are one of a kind; eager and aggressive to learn the things of God. Their growing voices are full of God’s praises. This group works in the GO Generation Youth Department. Children ages 3 to 18 are welcomed.

Interested in the GO Music Ministry?

Contact Minister Joshua Jackson – EPIC Praise Team Lead / Musician Coordinator
Contact Dr. DeWitt Johnson – GO Adult Choir Coordinator