Mother Herminia Cole, President


The Women’s Department at Gospel Outreach Ministries COGIC is called the Women of Destiny. The President, Mother Herminia Cole, is also the beloved wife of our Jurisdictional Prelate, Bishop Michael Cole.
The Women’s Department at GO contains the most units of any auxiliary in the church, and each is briefly described below. We encourage you to contact us if you would like more information.
God Bless!



Our Mothers’ Board functions under the authority of our Pastor and under the direction of our Church Mother. It is our responsibility to teach the women things that they should know to be godly, clean saints, effective wives and mothers and how to support the church and the pastor. It is also the responsibility of the Mothers’ Board to build up every auxiliary of the Women’s Department. We believe that our pastor should be able to ask any reasonable request of the Mothers’ board and then look for the results.



To uphold the doctrine of the Church of God in Christ through service to others. We believe that missionaries are called, not made and are therefore first under the authority of God and then subject to the direction of our pastor. Missionaries must be saved, sanctified and Holy Ghost Filled. Missionaries at GOCOGIC are to be of comfort and help wherever there is a need. Visiting the sick, administering to the needs of the poor, reaching unsaved family members and others and teaching the word of God. Our mission is to set an example of holy living to all with whom we come in contact.


Having the distinction of being the oldest auxiliary of the Women’s Department gives us the desire to continue in the footsteps of the great women of the Church of God in Christ. Our purpose and mission is to train women to know their Bibles and therefore become acquainted with the Word of God. It is our desire that all our women be right and righteous and that they might lead others to that same great state of being one with the Lord.


The Sunshine Band offers a great challenge for the women of the church to deal with the formative years of our children from the ages of four (4) to twelve (12). Many physical, mental and spiritual changes are evident, from the losing of teeth to the entrance into adolescence. No investment is too great to give our children the true meaning of the Creator and His personage and bodily representation through His son, Jesus Christ. The Sunshine Band is one of the oldest auxiliaries of the Church of God in Christ and many of our “greats” came through it.


The goals of the Purity class are to teach and review the purpose for purity in the lives of young men and women 12 years of age and older. Purity class also teaches church doctrine and bible knowledge.


It is our mission to show loving hospitality to our special guests, visitors, and to strangers who find themselves within our walls. We love the saints and we love people. We have the desire and capacity to show hospitality and enjoy making others happy through our service. The women of this auxiliary play a vitally important role in ministering to the needs of both the saints and those who come to be a part of our services.


The Ushers along with the welcome table committee are the first to give an impression of the church and of those living the saved life. We strive toward developing attitudes that will draw others to Christ and such a spirit of friendliness that visitors, relatives and friends of the saints are made to feel welcome and open to hearing the Gospel. Ushers have the important spiritual mission of seeing that God’s services are conducted decently and in order. The Welcome Committee has the responsibility of greeting all as they enter the church and provides the necessities of service such as church bulletins, visitor cards, and tithes and offering envelopes. It is our desire to serve the saints and assist the Pastor in every way. It is our desire to provide that service with professionalism and with the love of God being evident to all with whom we come in contact so that the hearts of men, women, boys and girls will be prepared to accept the Word of God.



Helps to provide for and maintain the beauty of the church. The church beautiful committee is made up of families working together to clean the church so that it is ready for use each week. They are responsible for the selection of purchases needed for the sanctuary, decorations, and overall appearance of the sanctuary.