This is the plan for real life.

You’re about to change your family tree. For real. So, let’s go! As a member of GO, you have exclusive access to incredible financial tools that will literally change your life. Ramsey+ is an all-access online membership to the best money tools, apps, content and resources to build your financial wellness. I strongly encourage you all to take a look at what Ramsey+ can offer you.

It has three key components:

  • Learn – Begin or deepen your financial education through online videos: Financial Peace University (FPU), Smart Money Smart Kids, The Legacy Journey
  • Budget – Every Dollar budgeting app
  • Track – Track your progress through the “baby steps”
How do you sign up for Ramsey+?

Click Register Now below and you will be emailed an exclusive link. Again, this is free because you attend Gospel Outreach Ministries COGIC! We care about your financial future and being a good steward of all that God has blessed and will bless you with.

How do you sign up for the in-person FPU course?

​After creating your Ramsey+ account, search classes near you. You’ll see the one here at GO starting October 1st…simply click to sign up!


Fill out the form below to get access to create a Financial Peace account. After that, we’ll get you connected and on your way to living and giving like no one else.


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